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Mudryk fulfils promise to buy Ukraine fan a new phone.

By Sanchez Mar 26, 2024
Mudryk fulfils promise to buy Ukraine fan a new phone.Mudryk fulfils promise to buy Ukraine fan a new phone.

  • Ukrainian journalist follows Mudryk religiously
  • Exhausted his cellphone storage with video recordings
  • Mudryk gifted him a brand-new phone


    The touching gesture originated from a lighthearted remark made by Mudryk last October, where he jokingly noted that the journalist’s phone would soon run out of storage space due to the abundance of clips featuring the winger. True to his word, Mudryk delivered the new phone to the reporter ahead of the current international break, showcasing a moment of personal connection and empathy.


    In October 2023, Mudryk was spotted saying: “You again? And again with the camera? How much capacity does your phone have?”

    The reporter replied: “130 gb. The storage capacity is exhausted.”

    Mudryk then said: “I’ll have to buy you a new phone because your storage is full of videos of me.”
    Mudryk did not forget his promise and upon seeing the same reporter a couple of days back he brought out a new cell phone which pleasantly surprised the journalist.


    Since making his debut for the Ukrainian squad in 2022, Mudryk has emerged as a key player, showcasing his skills with one goal and four assists in his appearances to date. He played a key role in his side’s 2-1 triumph over Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday evening and would hope to produce more of the same when they face Iceland next Tuesday in a UEFA Euro qualifier.

By Sanchez

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